A Data Breach might be happening right now …

Data Breach – this can occur when you don’t know it and could be happening in your business right now …….

The average time before a data breach is detected in a business is 205 days and has been know to be as long as 8 years.

In the real world a bank robbery occurs in a matter of minutes , in the virtual world a compromise to your security and the gradual stealing of data could occur over many days and even years without you being aware.

It is therefore very important that a businesses has effective cyber security measures in place to combat and manage a potential data breach.

The key to this process centers around three main areas:-

  • The most up to date software or software that is regularly patched.
  • Effective risk management procedures which are constantly reviewed and supported by management at all levels.
  • Regularly updated business continuity /disaster recovery plans.

With this in place it increases the chances of discovering a compromise of your computer systems at an early stage…. – it is very unlikely that you will achieve 100% certainty.

Once discovered it is vitally important that the management of a data breach is carried out in a prompt and organised fashion . If it is not it could make the difference between a business surviving and not being a viable entity post data breach.

A cyber liability insurance policy can help mitigate the impact of a data breach by providing the following benefits:-

  • Crisis Management – this involves the appointment of a crisis management consultant to assess and manage the data breach.
  • Public Relations Costs – the purpose of a PR consultant is to manage the data breach in the public domain so that reputational damage can be minimal.
  • Call Center Costs – the utilization of a call center will assist in the additional costs incurred in the management of customers concerns about the possible loss of personal information and notification of the incident.