Cyber Facts

Cyber facts are sound bites giving an insight on some interesting facts figures and stories in the cyber community.

Around the world guide to cybercrime and target trends in the following countries :- 

Hungary                    Turkey

Italy                             China

Romania                     US

Brazil                           Iceland

Russia                          India

Some takeaways :-

23% of malicious computer activity is against US systems

China is responsible for 30% of all hacking attacks

Iceland has the highest source of cyber attacks when adjusted for population

In Brazil all cybercrime is localized

Average salary of ethical hackers in India is between $3,000 – $14,000

The Russian underground offer virtual private servers for bullet proof hosting

Information provided by Information Week

Cybercrime & Hacking Atlas

64% of consumers commented that they were unlikely to shop again with a company that had suffered a breach where financial information had been stolen . A similar percentage , 49% stated that this would also be the case if the breach related to personal information being stolen . This is the outcome of a survey carried out by Gemalto called “Broken Trust – Tis the Season to be wary”.

The average age of a hacker is now 17 years old , according to the National Crime Agency (NCA). Hackers have been as young as 12 years old.

Top 6 passwords in the Ashley Madison breach







200 days passes on average before a company detects a data breach

Some of the most common causes of a data breach :-

  • Physical Loss / Theft of personal devices such as a laptop or flash drives
  • Internal Threats , these could be accidental , an inadvertent error such as “fat finger” error by an employee , or an intentional act caused by a “rogue employee”
  • Poor Security Controls where passwords are not changed on a regular basis , or a lack of security on mobile devices.
  • Operating System Vulnerabilities where software is outdated and not patched on a frequent basis.

The cost of the Target breach keeps on climbing. According to the firm’s latest earnings report, the net expense of the breach stands at $162 million. The actual total has now reached a gross expense of $191 million. That amount was partially offset by a $46 million insurance claim.

When Amazon’s website went down for 30 minutes in 2013 it cost Amazon approximately $66,000 per minute.

The UK suffered the highest number of breaches in the EEC in 2014

According to a 2013 Bloomberg report the top six hacking countries were:-







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