Cyber News 2016

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Cyber News 2016 – this page aims to provide you with all the latest news in the world of cyber, hopefully what we find interesting is interesting to you……. read all about cyber news.


December – Cyber News 2016

29th December

The US have expelled 35 Russian intelligence operatives based in the Russian embassy in Washington for alleged interference into the recent presidential elections.

The allegations are that Russia directed hack attacks against the Democratic Party and Hilliary Clinton’s campaign. Russia has strongly denied these allegations and are considering retaliatory measures.

The US have described Russia’s involvement as “significant malicious cyber enabled activities” which was allegedly used to collect intelligence.


22nd December

Groupon has revealed that stolen usernames and passwords have been utilized to access their website in order to make fraudulent purchases.

The first indications of suspicious  activity were identified earlier in the month where account holders were receiving confirmation e-mails for items that they had not purchased.

The usernames and passwords are thought to have been obtained from other websites where passwords had been reused by individuals.

Similar attacks in recent weeks have taken place at the UK National Lottery and Deliveroo.


15th December 2016 

Yahoo have announced that they have discovered a further cyber attack that took place in August 2013 where in excess of 1 billion user  accounts were compromised.

This is twice as many user accounts that were reported in the 2014 cyber attack.

It is not know who carried out the attack but Yahoo believe it might have been state sponsored.

The hackers reportedly used forged cookies which are pieces of code that remain on a users browsers cache which results in a website not requiring a login with every visit. This then allows a hacker to to access user accounts without the need for a password as it misidentifies anyone using them as the owner of an e-mail account. Yahoo have intimated that it may have been related to the theft of their proprietary code.