How is Cyber Crime Policed ?

How is Cyber Crime policed ?

The emergence of cyber crime in the UK with 53% of all crime relating to this form of criminal activity, the need for this to be addressed has called for the adoption of specialist crime units.

Throughout the UK there now exists Regional Cyber Crime Units (RCCU) which have been set up by the National Crime Agency to help combat and manage the effects of cyber crime.

With cyber criminals becoming increasingly sophisticated the RCCU’s have a very important role to play in our society and the business environment.

What is the role of a RCCU?

They normally consist of two main teams :-

Cybercrime Investigation Team  

This team is involved with investigating all forms of cyber related crime that occur within their designated region

Cyber Protect Team 

Advice on to protect individuals and businesses is provided by this team . This is carried out with input and presentations on cyber crime and cyber security.

Within these teams the following is also provided :-

  • The provision  of law enforcement set up and response
  • Advice on current trends and threats that the RCCU is experiencing

Cyber Briefings

Cyber Briefings are published on a monthly basis and distributed to businesses that provide details of current threats, advise and news.

These areas of activity provide invaluable support to those affected by cyber crime and its prevention.

The RCCU look to work with other ancillary cyber related businesses whether they be cyber security firms, risk managers within the insurance industry and their counterparts in other parts of the world. The exchange of data is invaluable in assessing future cyber risks and offering preventative advice and updated guidelines on cyber threats.

The RCCU’s also work closely with a number of bodies that already are helping raise the awareness of cyber risks and share knowledge of emerging threat vectors such as the following:-

Get Safe Online

Cyber Aware

Cyber Information Sharing Partnership ( CiSP)

The challenge that these cyber crime police units face far out weigh the resources that each region has and this represents a stiff challenge with the cyber landscape constantly changing on a daily basis.