Cyber Bulletins 2021

Cyber risk is developing all the time with hackers being more innovative than ever before and the threat landscape further evolving. Ransomware will remain a dominant threat to organisations and it likely that the frequency and severity of such cyber attacks will increase.


25th January

E.On have taken down their app amid concerns that customers’ log- in details have been stolen as a result of a cyber security attack.

This has impacted customers who use pre-payment methods for their gas and electricity and therefore have been unable to top up their accounts resulting in no power in their homes. Customers it is understood will utilise the company’s website to make payments.

It has not been discovered how the attack took place and an investigation is currently underway.

16th January

Wentworth golf club has revealed that it has been hacked with the personal details of all its members being taken.

12th January

The United Nations (UN) has been subject to a significant data breach where ID’s names and travel details were compromised.

It is understood that 100,000 employees of  the United Nations Environmental Programme have had their data compromised. This occurred as a result of a vulnerability which provided access to the employees records.

This was discovered by the ethical hacker and security research group Sakura Samurai. Git Directories and Git credential files on domains linked to this part of the UN.

4th January

T-Mobile have announced that hackers have managed to gain access to call records of their customers.

It is understood that personal details were stolen and that this impacted only a limited number of customers.